Web applications

Our approach

We are happy to extend your website with an associated web application to digitize business processes or to offer your customers a new way to interact with your company. We rely on a very advanced architecture with a Progressive Web App (React) for the user interface and modern server architecture adapted to the use case for the processes in the background and the storage of the data. The technical basis of our websites and our web applications is very similar and has an excellent, seamless integration as an advantage.



Perfect integration

With us you get website, online store and web application from one source and benefit from a perfect cooperation of the systems. This allows the customer area and website to merge smoothly and without any discernible boundaries. Your customers and employees will greatly appreciate the excellent user experience.


Everything from one source

By bundling all your web projects with one partner, you save time and prevent nerve-racking misunderstandings. You also achieve high cost efficiency through the perfect use of the synergies of the two systems.


App-like experience

The app-like experience of a PWA provides an outstanding user experience when using your web application. For example, your web application can be saved as an app on smartphones and computers and offers significantly faster loading times than traditional web applications. Your customers and employees will thank you for this through high satisfaction and high productivity, respectively.


Good scalability

Our approach is based on the most advanced technologies on the market, used and co-developed by the largest and most successful technology companies in the world, this guarantees that your web application will adapt to the growing needs of your business and not the other way around.


Creating big things together

Are you ready to shape your digital future? Then let's get started together! We look forward to getting to know your company in a free, no-obligation initial meeting and helping to shape your digital future.